What does holistic mean?

Holistic means encompassing the whole of a thing, and not just the part.

What do holistic nutritionists do?

Holistic nutritionists work with clients towards improving their well-being through a personalized diet and lifestyle changes. They look at different interconnected body systems that might need balancing depending on the health goals and nutritional imbalances of the individual. Holistic nutritionists consider the impact that mindset and emotions have on overall health. They are educators and promoters of a healthy balanced living.

Do I have to be plant-based in oder to work with you?

No, you don't. In my coaching I will encourage you to incorporate more plant foods into your diet. Whether you adopt an entirely plant-based diet (not consuming animal products at all) or decide to eat a predominantly plant-based diet (consuming mostly plants, but also some amounts of animal products), is entirely up to you. In both cases, I've got you covered!

Do you only work with women?

No, not at all. While my main focus of work is women's health, I also have male clients with hormonal imbalances as well as couples who are trying to conceive.